Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amazon Kindle for PC: Install Instructions

Amazon Kindle for PC: Install Instructions
Hi friends! I just downloaded Amazon Kindle for my laptop! I'm going to start with Aesop's Fables! Short stories... my kind of thing to read. Now's the time to mention that I'm not the best reader
with real books. Maybe it's ADD setting in at age 50 for me. But if it's on the computer or something like the Kindle, I can read it because it's a screen and not the boring paper without pictures, lol!


Carolyn M said...

My friend Diane mentioned Brennan Manning so I added his books on tape to my wishlist! I've got a $50.00 Visa Gift Card from my dad and I know where I'm spending it!

Diane Rorabaugh said...

Isn't it amazing to be able to get a new book instantly, without even leaving your house? I love it!!

Carolyn M said...

I started this book on tape (see newest entry for May 22nd) called You Had Me at Woof (which I originally bought for my mother-in-law (Shirley) but since I bought another one for her (OOGY) I thought I'd start this one while she's listening to Oogy. I'm already having a hard time concentrating on listening (I guess you have to close your eyes, lol) because I'm looking all around the room (livingroom) and thinking that I really should stop now and clean! And then I'm thinking about the Calif. Strawberry Festival that we're going to go to!
My back is feeling better and it's just a neck pain.

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