Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Surfing here on our beach!

Our beach
Surfers in the ocean

Surfers waiting for the big wave!  The Channel Islands (Calif. USA) in the background!

Catching the wave! 
Back out again to get the next wave!


Surfers in a boat!

The ocean is showing bigger waves now!
Getting rougher, a surfer's dream!

Crashing waves!

The swirl of the ocean!

Surfers going back out

Waiting for just the right wave

A surfer who took a smaller wave in and is recovering

Excellent ride by this surfer

The waves as we walk back home.

Do you live near the beach?  Do you surf?  Body or Board...   If not, what do you like to do at the beach?  We're so fortunate to be living here for the rest of our lives (Lord willing!)

Day 24!


Nicole Standley said...

Wow! Those are some waves. Makes me want to pack my beach bag and head to the sand!

Michelle Liew said...

Beautiful! Wish I was living nearby!

Bonnie Gean said...

Might I suggest the next time you walk down to the beach, you grab a video camera?

I would LOVE to sit and watch somebody surf! :)

Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures. The water looks so inviting, too!

- Bonnie *UBC*

Roe Clark said...

I live in the mountains....The beach pictures are great!....Love them...I can just imagine the tranquility of hearing the surf kiss the beach over & over....beautiful....:-)

John Mullin said...

There are days in the winter when we can stand at the beach watching the waves, then turn around and see snow on the mountains. Surf in the morning, ski in the afternoon.

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