Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Book Blog Tour: "If I Should Die Before My Dog"

The Authors and their dogs of If I Should Die Before my Dog

I would like to start a Book Blog Tour very soon for this book but so far I have only 2 people committed to the event.  It should start on Sept. 14th and run through Sept. 28th.  I have a group dedicated to the event that I'd like you to JOIN *if* you think you would like to read (the free soft cover book) and do a review and follow along with the activities of the Tour.  The book is If I Should Die Before My Dog and is not morbid but I believe every dog parent should have one.  It is filled with worksheets to fill out that answers questions all about your dog (or cat).  Here is the group to read about it:  https://www.facebook.com/IfIShouldDieBeforeMyDogBlogTour
The FaceBook group for this book and authors is here.

The SIGN UP form for this Book Blog Tour is here:

There will be other small tasks to do for the Book Tour and I will send them to this GROUP that you should join if you are participating in the Book Blog Tour!  You receive the book FREE of charge (soft cover) if you live in the US or UK.  Others can buy the book on Kindle!

Here is a view of the positions that I will be looking for.

Thank you!!  Here is an outstanding review done by a great blogger for the tour that she was in with me:    http://twolittlecavaliers.com/2012/12/if-i-should-die-before-my-dog-book-review.html

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