Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday's Mood: I Named My Dog "5 Miles"

 Monday's Humor Post:  This made me laugh today! I hope the same for you!   This is from   A Dog's Purpose fanpage.  I bought all 3 books that he had about dog's that he was sharing on FB and they are FANTASTIC!  If you want the links to the books, please ask on the comments.  I bought the hardbacks because that was all that was being offered at the time, these are now in paperback!  Here's the humor part:
Here's a little Monday humor from the A Dog's Purpose fanpage, we hope you'll share it with the working dog in your life that has to start a new week today! Want to save 20% on the first-edition paperback of A Dog's Journey? Follow this link!

(I'm thinking of asking my husband if we can do this too when we ADOPT our second dog. LOL!)

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John Mullin said...

Don't let your Doctor see this!

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