Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Fun! Family Games! WORD SEARCH! PRIZES!

  Image is courtesy of WORD ART WORLD!

 GRAND OPENING GAME! USA ONLY There will be a prize for first two (2) people who get the game done first and correctly! Since we are having photo fun with the moon right now... I thought that the game would be appropriate! SURPRISE PRIZE! Time for this will be 7pm PT also known as 10 pm ET. Hope you all can play! Winners will be announced on my blog. If you want things to go faster, please join my blog now and tonight it will be a piece of cake!

:) ONE THING: You need a camera or camera on phone to play this and also a printer because I will be needing some proof at the end!

Here is the game:  You must print a copy for you to do (click on the picture and it will take you to the word search) ... these are free to put on my blog.  And you find all the words that you can and the person who wins (first to finish and place the image on the FB fan page)has a secret prize for them!  There is a second game to follow!


1 comment:

John Mullin said...

Good luck to all the word searchers!

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