Thursday, June 28, 2012

The NEW Super Woman or Man on Adderall

This is not a new topic "Super Woman on drugs" but the new drug of choice...  Adderall.   Last night Nightline did a story on the SuperMoms (not the exact title of the piece) but it was about the mommy of today who needs to work outside of the home, take care of children, clean, cook, blog, outside activities, and still be a good wife, etc...  I did not want to single out "moms."

The mom topics are all over tv as being "Mommy's Little Helper" and such phrases and here are some reads online:

Dr. Oz: Adderall | New Weight Loss Drug Craze
(he may be covering weight loss but he clearly speaks out against this abuse of adderall for people who are not ADHD.)

"Mom's New Little Helper": Mothers Abusing Adderall
(my own local tv station did a story on it and I have never seen a woman or man to know that they are on it but I wonder where some of these super men and women get all their energy to do all that they do)

EXPERIENCES:  Is Binging on Adderall Noticeable?
 SWIM is a single Mom and in last year of nursing school. SWIM discovered the pleasure of Adderall a few months ago. SWIM has a child who has been on Adderall for 8 years and never thought about taking one. SWIM's friend in nursing school gave details about their experience binging on Adderall so SWIM took one to see what it was like. Took a few more and cleaned the house. Month later SWIM thought about trying it again but ended up taking the whole 30-day supply in one weekend (on semester break from school). Happened again the following month. SWIM told self that when back in school, this could not happen. A month ago SWIM started popping a few on Friday night but bought a bottle of wine to go with it. Thought this would help SWIM go to sleep since SWIM had clinical rotation at the hospital at 5:30 am Monday. SWIM binged all weekend and couldn't sleep at all Sunday night. SWIM was absolutely panicked about going to clinicals because of their appearance. Jaw clenching and moving side-to-side, constantly licking lips, very red eyes with dilated pupils. SWIM used tons of Visine but it didn't help. SWIM had to meet with the group at hospital with SWIM's instructor, who is a nurse. SWIM just knew that everyone knew because they are in the medical profession. First SWIM avoided looking instructor in the eye but then looked instructor in the eye but kept looking down. SWIM would have given anything to have called in sick but was told if a clinical day was missed, then the student is out of the program. No one ever said anything but SWIM went home and hugged their pillow. So SWIM's question is this, how obvious is it to others when someone has been binging? Any ways to hide it? SWIM is too afraid to try it again even though it enables SWIM to accomplish so much that wouldn't notmally get done because of nursing school and being single parent. SWIM's kids are with their grandmother on weekends when this happens.

Mother's New Little Helper - ADHD Pills?

 Meet Betsy Franco, Manic Pixie Dream Mom And/Or The Spirit Of Mother’s Day

Seeking Super Mom: More Mothers Are Becoming Addicted to Adderall

BusySuperMom Seeking Super Mom: More Mothers Are Becoming Addicted to Adderall
Are the demands of motherhood leading to even more addicted mothers?

So this definitely went the way of Super Mom but that's what most of the topic is about.  I'm sorry to the Mom's who this might offend but this is information for women now who might need help:

and most important:  See your medical doctor to discuss this and I would suggest a therapist to discuss the reasons that you are abusing adderall! 


kerry said...

It is a shame that there is so much pressure on moms to be perfect and do everything. I think sometimes we forget we can say NO.

Sage said...

i feel sorry for the moms who try to do it all. It's very stressful and can lead to unhealthy choices. I try to be kind to myself & not get upset if I don't accomplish everything I need to in one day. It can roll over to tomorrow.

Diane said...

In college one of the kids across the hall used to buy adderall off people and cut it up into a powder and snort it. It made him feel all relaxed he said. I always wondered what he turned out to be after college.

I think a lot of women forget to take time for themselves and forget they are allowed to say "no" to some things!

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