Thursday, June 28, 2012

Animal Awareness Week isn't just June 24-30, 2012

I'm not going to go into all the ugliness of Animal Abuse.  You can find that all over the Internet and develop your own opinion about it.  What I'm trying to present here is that parents need to share this information with their children and help them develop a healthy attitude towards animals from a very young age.

How young do you think you should be teaching animal appreciation to children? 

Touch and Feel Tank
Have you ever taken your child to a touch and feel tank?  These are tremendous one on one experiences for children.  Allowing them to touch animals and listen to appreciation and educational messages teaches them healthy relationships with animals.

A sea touch and feel tank at an aqaurium

How do we create a positive attitude for children to learn to protect animals and not abuse them?

If you don't have resources at home, I would highly suggest getting the free resources for parents and educators in the above link.  It's so very important to teach your children at home this relationship with them and animals.  

Have you learned anything new?  Are you presently teaching or planning to teach your children about how to have an appreciation for animals.  Is your child presently caring for an animal(s)?


John Mullin said...

Education is the starting point for real reform.

Diane said...

The NY aquarium has always had an explore the shore exibit!

They have an indoor and outdoor touch pool. They have sea stars, horseshoe crabs and and i dont know if they till do, but they had sting rays when I was younger - with the stingers removed for safety)

They let you experience a crashing tidal wave (while staying dry) - its inclosed in glass and the water comes rushing from overhead and is then diverted overtop of you and indo a wall. It is so cool and one of my favorite parts as a kid!

Hillary Lynne Glaser said...

That is really cool!! Maybe I wouldn't be terrified of snakes if I had more exposure to them as a kid...although probably not.

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