Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov. 3 (30 Day Challenge) DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces 
We've all seen the exquisite Thanksgiving centerpieces and said to ourselves that there's no way you would even attempt that.  Well I want to tell you that by following the directions on any of the following centerpieces, that you too, can have a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece or maybe you just want to have a fall centerpiece.  This is called DIY because you Do It Yourself (or in my case sometimes, with help) and the kids love to help.

Pinterest and I can't find where I found this.  Sorry.
For the complete directions, please go to this link:

Found on

For complete directions on these projects for centerpieces,

How to dry acorns and decorate

Celebrate Magazine
Directions:  Wrap glass cylinders with ribbon, twine, and leather.  Finish with pinecone flowers.

These are just a few of the ones that I found at
and all you need to do to find some more ideas is go there and in the search box type:  Thanksgiving DIY centerpieces. 

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John Mullin said...

Bought a couple of mini pumpkins and apples so we can try the candles

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