Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blogger Opp ~ $25 Glass Dharma Gift Card Giveaway

Blogger Opp ~ $25 Glass Dharma Gift Card Giveaway


Glass Dharma Glass Straws are sustainable, reuseable, durable, easy to clean, suitable for hot and cold drinks and dishwasher safe!

Glass Dharma is creating a lot of excitement from those who are concerned about their health and our environment. Using glass provides one solution to plastics leaching into our foods and ultimately ending up in our landfills and oceans. Glass Dharma customers also appreciate that the straws are hand made in the USA! They also offer 100% satisfaction gaurantee as well as a Lifetime Gaurantee Against Breakage, which makes their straws risk free for me and you!

So earlier this Deliciously Savvy was asked to review several fabulous glass straws from Glass Dharma and to provide a review giving honest, unbiased feedback. Well, I LOVE them! I use them all of the time and actually carry a clean one in my purse for whenever I am out and on the run. You never know when and where you can make that small difference and..... instead of using the traditional plastic straws you receive when eating out, I pull out my fabulous glass straw from Glass Dharma and it makes me feel pretty good :) BUT this got me to thinking that I really would love to have a nice carry case to pull out with that straw when I am carrying it in my purse. I looked into it at Glass Dharma's website and sure enough they have fabulous "eco-friendly" carry cases too! So......Glass Dharma was AWESOME enough to provide me with a new straw and one of the Hemp Carry cases for it so that I can share my thoughts. My thoughts are.... I should have ordered this a LONG time ago and will purchase one for each starw that I own! Awesome product and a great way to make a difference.... no matter how big or small.... it all adds up! Here is what I received for this review:

Check Out Glass Dharma Here for yourself!

My Original Review for Glass Dharma Straws is HERE

So..... I am hosting a giveaway for Glass Dharma and 1 lucky winner will receive a $25 Gift Card to use at their website!

Sponsored By: Glass Dharma
Hosted By: Deliciously Savvy
Sign Ups Close: 10/16/2014
Giveaway Dates : Starts 10/13 @ 12 AM EST and Ends 11/05 @ 12 AM EST
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Open to US and must be 18+ years of age to enter

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Donna Casper said...

This actually is a great idea! I love that you can take it along with you. And, what a wonderful review! I tried to enter the giveaway but I'm not a blogger as yet lol. So, for now I'll take your word for it and put it on my list of "must haves".

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