Thursday, May 22, 2014

Memorial Day Pin Up Pin Party

Red, White and Blue Distressed Patriotic Ball Jars

These were easy to make!  Just get the matte red, white and blue spray paint colors and spray paint the jars.  Add a tie to the jar.  Fill the jar with whatever you want in there from candy to candles!

I filled them with candles!  Here's how that looks:

Lit candles inside the red white and blue mason jars.

There are many uses now for the jars.  The lids were also painted to have the complete look!

Red White and Blue Food for Memorial Day!


Dawn said...

Love this idea! Patriotic Mason Jars are prefect for Memorial Day, Fourth of July too :) Thanks for sharing and linking up with us in our Pin Party... I'm so pinning this!

Lori Ashton said...

Love this idea! have to remember for the fourth of july! I make mason jar lights for Halloween with different scenes on them then put the candle lights in them

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