Thursday, October 17, 2013

The 500 FANS and SUPPORTERS GIVEAWAY! 10/18/31 Opens and 10/31/13 Ends

We reached 500 fans on FaceBook today (not to be confused with my old and defunct group that reached 500 fans a couple of years ago).  We're just starting all over again with a new group of fans (some the same and thankful for them too!) and now as of today I have a CONTRIBUTOR...  Theresa.  And my steady co-owner, my husband, John!  So happy for them.

Well I have some new goals now for today and with this group of 500.  I incorporated my (first goal of the plan the day I opened the group and that was to have the TOPIC OF THE DAY) and Theresa suggested that I do it a couple of specified days of the week and so we are.  Those days are THURSDAY and SATURDAY.  And what I would like to do is blog about the outcome of those topics on Friday and Sunday.  Along with anything else that I blog for the day.

Another item that is happening is the FAN OF THE WEEK CONTEST.  That actually started the other day and goes through Sunday and starts new again on another given Monday of the week.  It won't be every week because there needs to be time for me to gather up some prizes.  And I want to keep it FRESH and EXCITING!

One item to note is my Scentsy and Candle Making and More business that I have online.  Most of the posts concerning that will be done on my separate blog for that...  and the first thing I need there are some MORE followers!  Welcome to my candle blog at  I have an Etsy shop to go with that too and I hope to open that shop for the public one day before Halloween!  So for now you can join the CarolynsCandlesAndMore blog.  Thanks!

And now I bring to you the giveaway part of this.  There will be three prizes to be won.

1.  Sample size prize of some of the Scentsy fall waxes.
2.  Sample size prize of some of the Scentsy layer products.
3.  Surprise prize that isn't related to Scentsy.   (will depend if it's a man or woman what the prize will be)

Due to postal concerns this contest is ONLY for the residents of the United States (not Hawaii or Alaska).  You can expect to receive your prize within 2 - 2.5 weeks of winning.  If it will be later than that I will contact you!   GOOD LUCK!

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Lynette Paige said...

I love fresh scents. My favorite being Lavender. Year round! I'm not as big on the food scents but I would say that cinnamon is a bit hit around my house. Lavender and Jasmine are my top choices though! Food flavors? Sweet is great! lol

Jen Schneider said...

I love pumpkin scents!

jill24295 said...

My favorite scents are the bakery scents. As for food flavors - chocolate beats everything els hands down!

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