Friday, October 4, 2013

Guest Post: How to get rid of the verification code and still moderate the messages

Long time bloggers usually are tired of the "verification code" that many new bloggers don't even know about on their blog. 

Here is Joyti's explanation which is very simple to understand. 

If you are like me who wants to read and comment on interesting blog posts, you may be getting really annoyed about the really hard to read verification codes or CAPTCHA codes for comments on

Here are some examples of word verification codes I encountered recently!

This is after the first unsuccessful attempt of typing the verification code. I got work to do people, I ain't got no personal assistant!

And here is another - as if a shorter word couldn't have done the job!!
I'd die of old age by the time I am able to successfully type this nonsense! No need to say I'd not even try!  

According to blogger, this is done to make sure your blog does not get spam comments, but that's why you have spam control blogger! (duh!) I actually try and take pain to put those meaningless words in the box, but my patience is running very low these days, and if you still have the word verification code on your blog, I really urge you to remove them. I'd rather do something more fun with my time when I am on your blog! Not only it will be easy for your readers, you will increase the number of comments on your blog and get the conversation going!
Please check the settings on your blogger dashboard, may be you don't really know that you have comment verification 'ON'. Here is an easy way to turn off that pesky word verification codes on blogger.

Log in and go to dashboard, do you see Settings? Click on it. (circled in red below)

Now click on Comments tab (circled in red below)

When you click on comments you will see the question 'Show word verification for comments?' Set it to 'NO' as shown below
Please share/tweet/mail this so that my (and yours) overworked, underpaid blogger eyes don't have to see another annoying verification word  again!


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Nancy Rodriguez said...

I hate those things it's annoying. I took my comments from blogger off and replace it with google+ comments. I haven't no complaints.

Peggy said...

I began to skip blogs that had capitcha on it. I understand the purpose it served, but if I didn't get a letter right because they were often too blurred, my comment would get lost in cyber thin air and I'd move a long.

On Wordpress, I've got a great checkbox that confirms the commenter is human and that reduced my spam to nearly zero and takes next to no time for a commenter to check.


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