Saturday, July 27, 2013

National Days of the Year, Month and Day!

July 27th, 2013  WALK ON STILTS DAY!

Today is  WALK ON STILTS DAY and a number of other special events for the day!  Today is also MILK CHOCOLATE DAY!

More to read, right here:
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Here's an ad:
"A day to walk on stilts, providing a chance to develop self-confidence through mastery of balance and coordination. A chance to enjoy the challenge of childhood no matter your age. A celebration of daring accomplishments at homes, circuses and theme parks everywhere. For info: Bill “Stretch” Coleman, 930 S Decatur St, Denver, CO 80219. Phone: (303) 922-4655. E-mail: Web: "

Today is also National Milk Chocolate Day!  Chocoholics everywhere can join together and celebrate their love of milk chocolate for a day without feeling the guilt of indulging their sweet tooth.

Out of the three main types of chocolate: dark, milk, and white; milk chocolate is one of the most popular favorites of everyone that lives in the United States.

The MONTH of AUGUST is located here:

What do you like BEST about this DAY, or NEXT MONTH?  Tell me a little bit about why you like it, thanks and please use the comments!  I'm interested in what you think!  <smile> 

Day 27


Moms Gone Crazy said...

I'm so proud that I celebrated with National Milk Chocolate day - I had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast!! :) LOL We were celebrating my new pregnancy, don't judge!

Loretta Smith said...

I would LOVE to get to walk on stilts! Just think of all I could accomplish!

Anonymous said...

Probably won't be able to walk on stilts today but will try out some chocolate!!!

John Mullin said...

I'll pass on the stilts and go for the chocolate.(Seems to be a trend here!)

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