Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cross your fingers for us for a potential new dog!

JRT (Jack Russell Terrier)

Fox Terrier

What do you get when you have a cross breed between a JRT (Jack Russell Terrier) with a Fox Terrier?  You get the perfect little boy dog that is up for adoption near us.  

This is his story:  He is looking for a new home because his original caretakers (aka owners) moved and were going to take him to the pound.  (That is where we adopted our present dog, Sandie).  Fortunately he was taken in by a couple who didn't want to see him end up at the pound.  He is playful and affectionate.  He is energetic, alert and enjoys hiking.  He is trained and crate trained.  He is 4 years young!  He is current on his shots. 

This is our current 11 year old dog, (who we call Puppy) and her name is Sandie and she's sitting between between John's legs (she loves her daddy and mommy!)  I took the picture! 

Sandie (Sharpei mix)
 We take Sandie with us to the rescue this Sat/Sun. to meet the little boy and then we hand in our application Sandie and he seem to get along and then we have a home check and then we will see what they think!

Have you ever adopted an animal from a shelter or rescue or pound?  If you did then you can probably identify with the above poem.  I know I can.   How do you feel about adopting vs. buying at a pet store?  Anything you'd like to share?  I'd love to hear your story (of your opinion or story to share).  Thanks!


Lisa Mallis said...

Ahhh . . . great picture! Our current dog was found running loose in a dog park. Her previous owners must have left her behind (ie - dropped her off!!) so after weeks of flyers in the park and listings on Craigs List and no one claiming her, my daughter decided she was hers. The dog now owns my husband (certainly not the other way around I assure you!) - and tolerates the rest of us!

Susan T said...

We have adopted several dogs from the humane society, and all have been such wonderful pets. We treat them just like members of the family! I am such a softie when I see any dog that needs a new home--I'd bring them all home if I could! Good luck!

Carolyn M said...

Thank you Susan and Lisa! How nice to meet others who have adopted their dog(s). I would adopt them all if I could! I'm going to introduce you all to the past dogs that we had. :)

Roe Clark said...

Our Tinker was rescued from being sent to the pound..he kept escaping from a fenced in yard and standing in the street...unafraid of the passing cars but in danger of getting run over...hubby stopped for gas one day & saw him tied to a pole..inquired about him and they told him he's yours...best dog ever :-)

John Mullin said...

Can't wait till Sunday afternoon when we get to meet T-Bone!!

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