Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday My kind of dog AND my dog Sandie

Sandie is a RESCUE DOG and she's 10.5 year's old and in great condition. You will see her at the end of the pictures!  We belong to PAWS!
The Perfect Breed!

HaHa, I can lay on the side of the street and take a nap, you have to go home to your bed!

One step forward, two steps back!

I'm pooped Mommy!  I partied til the sun came up!

I'm on the couch and the cat is in the bathroom in the tub! 

I wish she wouldn't do this.  Ouch, don't pull on my cheeks!

This is my SMILE and new PEDICURE!

Show is over... go home!

Sandie and John at the New Year's Party

Sandie eating YOGURT from a spoon with John

Sandie CLEANING up the left over yogurt in the cup!

Hi!  Thanks for visiting my page and please comment while you're here and tell me what your favorite(s) picture is!  Thanks!

1 comment:

Twiggy and Onyx said...

How cute. I love puppies with extra skin. Makes them very suggable! :)

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