Thursday, July 26, 2012

Groupon Problems

When was the last time you saw a COUPONER promoting GROUPON?  I haven't in a long time and hopefully you haven't either.  In case you have be sure to tell them about this blog and the blogs mentioned here. What is Groupon?

Trouble is stirring about for those who have used GROUPON for their company.  Here are some of the stories:


The Trouble with Groupon-Slate

Back Alley Waffles...Groupon   (This article was updated to include comment from a spokesperson for Groupon.)


Diane said...

I know of a local homemade candy shop that got an overwhelming response to a groupon deal they did and it almost put them out of business. They were on all the local news shows urging people to please wait a few weeks to come in.

I haven't ever used groupon because I was afraid that the company would flake out on their offer or there would be all these fine print restrictions

Shawn Irwin said...

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