Sunday, May 13, 2012

Menopause does not ever “pause” for me!

Ugh…  I could talk about this very personal subject for a month and never be done with it.  I think God really punished the woman because of Eve’s actions…  what’s so appealing about the fruit of good and evil anyway?  I’d rather go for some candy!
I am definitely in the thick of it now.  Even though I’m on estrogen, I still get the horrible side effects that come with menopause.  I can’t imagine what I would be like without the medicine having gone one month into it without.  My  poor husband.  He’s a saint!  Over-night I became this irrational woman who wanted to eat him every time he spoke a word.

One time I even flipped the small coffee table because he irritated me so much and I couldn’t yell loud enough and long enough at him before and after flipping that table!  He walked out the door and I had to clean up the whole mess I made.  Good for him!   I was planning my thick revenge the moment he walked out that door.
For you young “moms” reading this… you are next!  You thought giving birth was the tough part?  Not even.   This is that times 1000!   And I’m telling you that I tried all the herbal “cures” and chanting and stretching and the head in the freezer and head out the window and fan in every room and on me every time a spell would set on and nothing works!   It’s the beast. 
I keep checking in with my sister who is only two and one half years younger than me and she says that nothing has happened yet.  I keep reminding her that she is in store for it.  I also told her to not be afraid of taking estrogen since no one in our family has had any type of cancer.  I feel like I’m the older sister because I can handle pain so much better than her.

Anyone who can handle fibromyalgia can handle the beast!  But get those two together and you have a war going on in your body.
Here are some places on the Internet that you should definitely visit to learn about Menopause:

Are you going through menopause?  Do you have friends going through it and have seen what happens?  Have you already gone through it and are on the other side now?  What would you like to share if anything!  Thanks for reading!


Clancy Cash Harrison MS, RD, LDN said...

I am 37 and have not gone through it yet. My mother did and it looked tough.

Kelly said...

Goodness Carolyn, now I'm shaking in my boots. Have you read the book the Brain Trust? It has a section about menopause.

Debbie McConnell said...

I'd rather have candy over fruit!! My mom went through it at a very young age, they blamed it on her many strokes, and having a hysterectomy (at 30). I used to blame all her health issues on her abuse of alcohol and drugs.

As I said last night in our little chat, I often wonder if I am going through some stages of it, hot flashes and night sweats.

Thanks for sharing your experience and pointing us in the right direction to learn more about the "beast"

Happy Mother's Day!!

Anonymous said...

I am not looking forward to entering menopause! There needs to be help with dealing with it for all parties involved! :)

Melissa Say What? said...

I've got a bit of time, but I did experience my mother's time of early menopause. It wasn't fun.

Mimi B said...

I am seriously NOT looking forward to this next stage. PMS is bad enough. Being more hormonal is NOT appealing. Thanks for sharing honestly Carolyn!

Diane said...

My mom went through, maybe she still is but due to her sarcoidosis she was also on steroids at the same time. We all knew it wasn't "her" yelling and getting angry it was the menopause and the steroids. Our family does have a strong history of breast cancer and she has had pre-cancerous cells removed from her breats already so she didn't want to take the estrogen

kaney said...

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