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CRAFTS: How to make Sand Jars! Very inexpensive craft to make.

Hi!  I’m Carolyn, 51 yr old married Christian mom who loves CRAFTS!  I am going to be bringing a series of inexpensive crafts to make!  The first one involves SAND.  We live at the beach in Southern Calif. So this is easy to come by.  I hope you don’t have to spend a lot of money in buying any.  My website for Avon is  (I hope you’ll stop by for inexpensive
Christmas gifts!)   My website that will be coming online soon is and that is where I will be sharing more craft ideas.  There will be pictures there!    And my blogpost website is
where I am an eclectic writer!  Please take the time to visit there too and feel free to make anonymous or use your name to make comments.  Thanks!

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~ Used natural pigments such as tea or coffee to dye sand and then create useful and attractive containers, showing off your work to
good effect.

You Will Need:
White sand
Natural pigments
A sieve
A straight glass
Paraffin wax
Kitchen equipment


Sieve white or pale sand to remove any debris.  Divide the sand into several bowls.  To each bowl add a diluted pigment (such as filtered or instant coffee, tea, ground charcoal, or paprika …to name a few). Spread the contents of each bowl on a separate newspaper to dry.

Choose a straight sided glass which is narrower and shorter than your jar.  And sit the glass inside it so that the two rims are at the same level.  Center the glass so that the gap between it and the jar is even all around.

Roll a square of paper into a cone shape with a small opening at the point and secure it with tape. Trickle a layer of sand into the gap between the jar and the glass using the paper funnel to control the flow and create a wavy pattern.  Funnel the next layer in a different color and so on to create layers.

Melt the small amount of paraffin wax in a double boiler.  Remove it from the heat and carefully pour it into the gap between the jar and the glass.  If it overflows wait until the wax is set and remove excess with a knife.

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